We know our treatments are the best in the business, and our clients confirm it! Read testimonials from professional athletes, country music singers, your next-door neighbor, and more. Have a testimonial to share?


We know our treatments are the best in the business – and our clients confirm it! Read testimonials from professional athletes, country music singers, your next door neighbor, and more. Have a testimonial to share?

Client Testimonials

Featured Athlete

"Arete Nashville has transformed my overall health! With three kids and a busy lifestyle, Adam has allowed me to keep my energy levels high while staying sharp mentally and physically. The concierge services provided have become part of my weekly routine. It’s comforting having a trusted group I can rely on to stay on top of my health."

- Eric Decker
Former NFL Athlete


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"The health and wellness world seems to be advancing faster than ever. Arete stays on the front end of the progress. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for several years now and their treatments help me get my mind and body back on track when I’ve worn myself down."

Sam Hunt
American Singer-Songwriter
"It’s been amazing having Arete in Nashville. Adam Bobo is continually ahead of the curve on all things wellness and I can always count on his team to give me the best quality services. I know I’ll leave feeling 10x better than when I walked in. My go to treatment: beauty bag with NAD+ while in hyperbaric chamber."
Kristin Cavallari
American TV personality and Fashion Designer
"In the months leading up to a race, I try to optimize all aspects of my training. That includes both sides of performance and recovery. In addition to hitting all my nutrition and sleep, I worked with Arete to optimize a performance and recovery regimen suited for my goals. "
Jordan Peters
American Triathlete

“As someone who struggles with hyperemesis gravidarum during pregnancy, Arete has been the biggest gift to me. I know when they show up at my door I will finally be able to experience some sort of relief on days when

nothing else seems to work. They have helped me to be a better mom and wife during my pregnancies by keeping me hydrated and making me more comfortable even on the hardest of days. Adam and his team have been absolute lifesavers to me!”

Lauren Akins
American Author

“Arete has gone above and beyond any expectations I had of an elite health and wellness company. I have noticed a huge difference not only in my skin complexion, but also my energy levels and my mood.”

Ellie Ottaway Josi
Fashion Model

“Arete is truly the most advanced intravenous rejuvenation platform I’ve ever experienced. I’ve traveled the world and been to some of the most progressive preventative health clinics out there. This has been a mission of mine since I

opened KH, not just for skin health but seeking ways that heal the body on a cellular level. I see so many sick hurting patients. Finding ways to turn back time and help people change the way they look at preventing disease and system breakdown is my passion. Adam’s radical approach to anti-aging is like no other. He is insanely ahead of the intravenous curve. He put me on a program that includes my custom weekly cocktail of NAD+, 12 peptides, Glutathione, and the list goes on. It has literally transformed me on a cellular level like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Arete’s team is like a well-oiled machine that never disappoints and has helped dozens and dozens of my patients return to an even healthier state.

Karee Hays
Karee Hays Esthetics